The AGV K3 5 Continents Helmet Review!

The AGV K3 5 Continents Helmet


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  • Very cool graphics.
  • Top end helmet at affordable price.
  • Light weight.
  • Comfortable fir.


  • Nothing bad to say about this helmet.

Greetings! To all of my fellow MotoGP enthusiasts from all over the world this is Wazza here again. Today we will be looking at a detailed review of another helmet by AGV which is the famous AGV K3 5 Continents Helmet. If you have been thinking of buying this helmet for yourself, then make sure that you go through this review first before making your final decision.

AGV is an Italian firm, famously known for the manufacturing of helmets for motorcyclists. This firm was founded by Gino Amisano back in 1946.

The K3 5 Continents Helmet

Rossi wearing the AGV K3 5 Continents helmetThe K-3 range is closer to the top end of the entry level of the AGV range. What makes the K-3 5 continents helmet ideal for all the young rides around the world is the GP Tech lines and the graphics of the Valentino Rossi Replica helmet. This helmet is also a great choice for all the young fans of racing around the globe, especially fans of Valentine Rossi.

The AGV K3 5 Continents Helmet Specs

Check out these awesome specs in order to understand why this helmet is one of the best out there.

  • The 5 Continents is the only model in the entire range of AGV helmets that has a full face shell made out of thermoplastic.
  • The helmet has vents in the front, sides, and the chin along with an air vent on the top with extractors on the rear side of the helmet. The ventilation system channels within the EPS while the top vent and the extractor contribute towards a great air flow within the helmet.
  • The model also consists of a street 8 visor mechanisms which has an anti-fog and an anti-scratch visor made out of polycarbonate and is also clear.
  • The nose protector is also removable and the comfort padding in the helmet is of a Dri-Lex fabric.
  • The helmet comes with a shield that is clear and is not smoked.
  • The helmet comes with a micro lock retention system and the shield mechanism is the Perimetrical Visor Seal. The extra quick release system in the shield mechanism replaces the shield without any tools in just a few seconds so that you don’t have any kind of problem.
  • The padding lining the inside of the helmet is made of chin curtain which is washable as well as removable.
  • The helmet has an oval shape and weighs 3.35 pounds.

The design for the K-3 5 continent helmet has been inspired by the latest developments that AGV has made. This includes Stealth, Ti-Tech and S-4 along with the traditional features that have become the signature of the company including GP-Tech and Blade LX. All of these features distinctively and clearly define the style of the company.

It is also because of these features that the helmets are clearly distinguishable and easily recognizable from all of the other motorcycle helmets that are present in the market today.

This helmet is available in a wide variety of colors. This includes the official graphics of the Valentino Rossi Replica. However, you can always customize the helmet to the taste that suits you the best with the help of visors in iridium, tinted and rainbow colors. You can do other customizations as well to make the helmet look great!

Our AGV K-3 5 Continents Helmet Rating

We give this helmet is a whooping rating of 9.2/10. This is because the K-3 5 Continents helmet is one of the best-selling helmets by the company. The design of the helmet has been derived from GP-Tech helmets that are considered to be the very best.

This helmet successfully brings all of the advanced features to customers in a very reasonable price. This helmet also maximizes the airflow within the helmet while simultaneously minimizing the level of noise.

Additionally, the back spoiler ensures that you attain good stability while driving at high speeds. This helmet is definitely worth buying if you are a fan of high speed racing but you also don’t want to feel too suffocated during the race. We would definitely recommend buying this product if you want the utmost comfort while you drive your motorcycle.

What I like about the AGV K3 5 Continents Helmet

AGV K3 5 Continents helmetPerhaps the best feature that I found among all the other amazing features is the ventilation system. With three frontal intakes, side and back extractors, and a chin protector to avoid any kind of turbulence inside the helmet, the entire ventilation system is definitely top notch.

AGV has always been reliable so there is no doubt that this model will lead to any kind of problems. The design is also pretty cool with all the attractive graphics and different colors. All in all, this helmet can make a particularly good purchase!

Price And Where To Buy The AGV 5 Continents Helmet

The official price of the helmet, regardless of the size, is around $220. You can easily buy yourself this helmet through You won’t have to worry about paying extra because shipping is free.

You can buy this helmet is sizes that include X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large. Also, as mentioned above the price remains the same regardless of the size you choose to pay for.

AGV and its fame

AGV logoAGV started out as a firm that manufactured saddles for motorcycles and leather seats in 1946, however, in 1947, the company began to manufacture helmets as well.

Most commonly, the brand has been associated with two world champion motorcyclists; Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi.

Throughout their entire career, both of them have made use of motorcycle helmets by AGV. In fact, Rossi was announced as the honorary president for the company in 2008. Former formula one champions have also been seen wearing the helmets by AGV including Emerson Fittipaldi, Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet.

Over the years AGV has proved itself to be one of the very best motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the whole world. AGV works to protect the passion of riders.

That is why all of the innovations that are done by the company are first and foremost for the protection of motorcycle riders. When you buy a product from AGV you can be sure that you are paying for the best quality.

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