HJC Ben Spies Replica RPS-10 Helmet Review

HJC Ben Spies Replica RPS-10 Helmet


Style & Design




Safety & Protection





  • Built In Speaker Pockets.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good Airflow.
  • Authentic Look.


  • Design is a little plain.

Hey there MotoGP enthusiasts, it is Wazza here and this time I’ve come with a helmet review that might not be very popular but is well on its way due to the fact that it was worn by world super bike champion Ben Spies and some of the latest technology has been invested in it.

Some might not consider it as beautiful as the rest of the other HJC helmets but it a good option for fans of Ben Spies. In this in-depth we will go over everything there is to know about this helmet and whether or not you should decide to buy it. So, let us get started!

The HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Replica Men’s Helmet

Ben SpiesThough this helmet isn’t that attractive compared to other HJC helmets it has got some features which other lack which made it worth selling to riders around the world.

The main thing which makes it worth buying is its light weight which is incredible compared to others. The shell is designed in such a way that it is comfortable and the rider gets to experience an enjoyable ride. But it isn’t as strong as it should be.

Comfort should go hand in hand with the protection which isn’t the case here. The shell isn’t hard enough and may not be able to protect rider from severe accidents. Anyway, let us head on over to the specs of this helmet.

The HJC Ben Spies Replica RPS-10 Helmet Specs

Here’s the whole list of specs associated with the helmet that I’m reviewing for you all. Make sure to go through all of them.

  • Its shell is made from fiber glass and is incredibly light weight. This gives great amount of comfort to the rider but not that much protection.
  • There is a six level rotating dial for different air flows. There is an air flow vent at the top of the helmet to keep the head cool thus providing rider an enjoyable experience.
  • The thing to note about the helmet is its ventilation system which is remarkable and some hard effort has been into it. There is a complete front to back flow of air which moves out heat and humidity thus keeping inner atmosphere of helmet cool.
  • Interior is made of Ginkgo Extract and moisture wicking which gives a very soft feel. The interior is anti bacterial made and pads are designed in a way that they could be washed.
  • There is a shield replacement system built in so that it could be easily taken off and put on.
  • When talking about latest technology, this helmet surely possesses it. There is a one touch system to open or close helmet to secure seal.
  • There are built in communication speaker pockets and breathe guard.


HJC Ben Spies replica RPS-10 Rear

HJC Ben Spies replica RPS-10 Rear

This helmet was designed by one of the leading helmet maker that is HJC. HJC had made some marvelous helmets which excelled in design and performance and had been worn by MotoGP champion but this time it looks company didn’t put much effort in making this one.

This helmet lacked strong shell which should be the main priority among other features. Though it was made remarkably light weight.

This helmet was worn by world super bike champion Ben Spies. Due to which it gained some popularity otherwise it wasn’t that good of a deal compared to its rival at that time which was the Shoei Qwest helmet.

But this helmet made its way to homes due to latest technology implemented in it. Some notable features built in speaker pockets, one touch lock system which was remarkable though its design wasn’t much of attraction.

Our HJC Ben Spies Replica RPS-10 Helmet Rating

We give this helmet a respectable 9 out of 10 star rating due to the speaker pockets and its incredible light weight. Though its weight is impressive it isn’t going to provide protection that a rider needs.

That’s why I couldn’t understand why make it light weight to begin with. Wouldn’t a heavier but stronger design have been better?

Its design is also not so attractive which make matter worse. But the interior part takes most of the positive credit due to being soft, cool and comfortable.

However, if this helmet were to face a crucial accident, it is highly possible it wouldn’t be able to guard the rider’s head properly.

What I Like About The RPS-10 Street Bike Helmet

HJC Ben Spies replica RPS-10 Top

HJC Ben Spies replica RPS-10 Top

One thing that I like about this helmet is the built-in speaker pockets which I haven’t seen in other helmets of such quality.

This enables bike rides to be a lot more enjoyable especially if you plan on riding for a very long time.

However, following the advice that I give to a lot of bike riders who want to listen to music, always be aware of surroundings and don’t listen to music so loud that you’re unable to hear oncoming traffic.

Remember, safety should be the priority of all.

HJC Ben Spies Replica RPS-10 Helmet Price & Where to Buy

If you’re interested in buying this helmet because you happen to be a fan of Ben Spies then you can buy one for yourself through Amazon.com.

The current cost of the helmet is around $340. Also you won’t have to pay extra because shipping is free. However, before you decide to make such a purchase remember everything I’ve talked about in this review.

While the interior of the helmet is impressive the overall built of the helmet has not been designed to face serious accidents.


More about HJC Helmets

hjc logoHJC has specialized in manufacturing helmets for bike riders since 1971. It has gained huge fame due to thorough work during the making of helmets, innovative ideas, reasonable pricing and experience, combination of which resulted in HJC being the top notch helmet makers since 1992 in North America.

Their helmets are tested at labs as well as in real life for quality assurance. HJC is also one of those few companies which have their own wind tunnel testing labs to test noise, ventilation, aerodynamics etc.

This company has three factories, one in Vietnam, second in China and third in Korea. Company’s so far best product is none other than RPHA 10 helmet.

Over the years, since its creation, the company has been able to prove to the racing world that is more than capable of creating helmets that can stand on their own in front of rest of the competition, and provide racers with what they are looking for when it comes to headgear.

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