Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit III Review

Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit III


Style & Design




Safety & Protection





  • Increased ventilation.
  • Safe and durable.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Scratch resistant surface.


  • Nothing bad to say about this helmet.

Hey there fellow MotoGP enthusiasts, it’s Wazza here and I am going to present to you a top notch helmet which is worn by 2016 MotoGP champion Marc Marquez at the MotoGP 2016 competition i-e The Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marc Marquez helmet.

People often attribute the edge that European riders have over others to the advanced gadgets which they are equipped with and this helmet is one of them.

Shoei has always attracted riders from all over the world because they have always remained a step ahead in producing technologically advance helmets and X-Spirit iii certainly is something which they can be proud of.

So, let’s get on with the review so you can decide whether or not it is a product that you would like to buy and wear during your bike rides.

The Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez Motorcycle Helmet

It is distinctive among previous designs because of increased comfort, safety and aerodynamics. Marc Marquez has himself contributed to the production of this masterpiece and he is believed to be the most renowned racer to be partnering with Shoei.

According to the champ, this is the helmet he needed because of its increased ventilation, aerodynamics and safety which he regards as the most critical and uncompromising necessity in this aggressive and thrilling sport where accidents are a usual thing.

Furthermore, he considers it to be much modern than previous designs of Shoei he used since 2010. What else can a rider ask for if one gets to wear almost the same helmet which has been an accessory of two times World champion.

The Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez Motorcycle Helmet Specs

Go ahead and read the specs of this helmet to understand why it is considered as one of the best.

  • The exterior rear design and twists with stabilizing mechanism allowing the rider to adjust according to the variation of the track. Testing under wind tunnels has shown that stabilizing system reduces the lift and drag, immensely.
  • At higher speeds, stability of helmet is just impeccable and it remains steady to a great extent. Shoei claims that there is an increase of 50% in stability at higher speed when it comes to comparing X-Spirit iii with previous designs of the X series.
  • Considering the need of the riders and drivers to attain better vision, X-Spirit iii has been designed with an adjustable central interior pad which can be rotated up to 4 degrees whenever required. This allows the riders and drivers more space and assists them at sharp corners of the track.
  • Ventilation system is superb as it consists of six inlets and outlets each and it has been designed in a manner to direct more air towards riders’ face. It is customized according to the requirement as forehead, rear and side pads along with the neck are removable.
  • Despite consisting of a six layered AIM+ structure, it has a very delicately poised weight and provides great deal of safety even in most extreme conditions of accidents by holding on to its structure and resistance to opening in case of impact. EPS liner with multi density and double visor lock system make it extremely sophisticated, durable and efficient.


It is one of a kind in the way it looks and is unprecedented in the way it makes you to look at it. The helmet has not been deprived of the characteristic Ant logo of Marc Marquez on the top of it but what has made it pop out amongst previous designs is the metallic luster it has been given.

In addition to that, Ant motif has been given 3D pattern to make it look real to great extent. Side view of the helmet shows the domination of red color in it with a view of number 93, which is the racing number of Marc Marquez, as well as a beautiful geometric 3D pattern of a maze created in a way to look like the number 93, too.

The champion himself contributed in its production and knows what it is capable of.

Our Ratings for the Shoei X-Spirit Marquez

We give it 9.3/10. Without any doubt Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez Motorcycle stands out amongst all the helmets which are being used in modern era of MotoGp racing and I don’t find any good reason to give less than five out of five stars to the best product of modern day science and technology to ensure safety and comfort which have reached another level in this case.

The classy and elegant look puts cherry on the cake by adding to the style of modern era and proving to be something iconic and trendsetting.

What I Like About Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marc Marquez Helmet

Forget what I like because I’m more or less in love with this amazing helmet. What I love about is its increased vision due to its four degrees moving back and forth ability while the rider is in closed tuck stance during the ride.

If we talk about technology here we can see bunch of that, with its drying fabric that absorbs sweat thus keeping rider’s head and face cool. Not only this but it reduces air friction with the built in vortex generators. Not to mention its scratch resistant surface that maintains its beauty even after crucial accidents.

Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marc Marquez Helmet Price & Where to Buy

It can be bought at and I must say it is cheap for what it is capable of.

Click here for the latest price.

Latest technology has been used to make it one of a kind. The interior lining pads, scratch resistant surface, increased comfort level and increased vision are the best you can ask for. Also if you do happen to buy this helmet then you won’t have to worry about paying extra because shipping is free.

More about Shoei Helmets

SHOEIThe Shoei Co. Ltd is a Japanese company and has been proving itself for 54 years and on. This company has been producing many popular helmets and is known for doing things bit differently. As it was the first company among those to introduce light weight carbon fiber helmets.

It was the first to product a shield system with no cover and double liner ventilation. The company prides itself in providing high quality products to its customers and strives to make a name for itself as one of best in the motorbike racing world.

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