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Today I’ll be talking about a helmet created by Nolan for all my fellow MotoGP enthusiasts. If you have been meaning to buy a helmet then I urge that you go ahead and read this in-depth review of the Nolan N86 Rapid Helmet. So, without further ado let us start with the review!

The Nolan N86 Rapid Helmet

The Nolan N86 is the third new protective helmet reported by the Italian maker for the year 2014. The N86 replaces the Nolan N85 which was the web Bike World Motorcycle Helmet of the Year in 2012. The N85 was exceptionally noteworthy when it arrived and it had considerable features to like.

It helped us to remember a full-confront form of the Nolan N104 with its numerous “amazement and delight” includes that gave a false representation of the exceptionally sensible value. That would be a hard demonstration to take after, and the new N86 is a moderately mellow redesign.

Offering new and more components without raising the cost is dependably something to be thankful for! Motorcyclists who are new to the Nolan group of 100% made-in-Italy protective caps will discover a considerable measure to like here.

The N86 has the same “hard” clear coat that we’ve seen on Nolan head protectors for quite a while. The N86 includes a broadened spoiler that takes the type of a lip at the back of the updated gasket that covers the base of the protective cap.

Let’s go over all of the specs that this helmet is able to offer riders.


Nolan N86 Rapid Helmet Specs

This is the whole list of specs and features regarding this helmet if you are interested in buying it.

  • It has a Polycarbonate covering
  • The ‘Vision Protection System’ short dim shield mounted within the shell gives genuine eye security when utilized freely from the reasonable shield
  • Snappy discharge and multi-position hostile to scratch shield acknowledges Pin lock against haze embed
  • Clear Pin lock face shield and lens included
  • Customizable jaw and top vents in addition to wind stream back extraction
  • Removable and launderable Clima Comfort inside coating and cheek cushions with antibacterial treatment
  • Microlock2 (patent pending) twofold lever maintenance framework
  • Prepared for NCOM Communication System
  • Spot Approved
  • The liner is changeable and the cloth is treated with an against bacterial covering.
  • N86 is a size XL and the N86 feels right to estimate. T
  • The blend of the red liner fabric and the seal or seal gives the N86 a classy recognizes that appears of spot in this value range.

The Nolan N86 Rapid is the new full-confront head protector by Nolan portrayed by its energetic, streamlined, minimal volume, broad standard gear and close-fit solace.

The N86 is furnished with an inward sun visor (VPS), Pin lock hostile to haze visor with silicone-fixed profile, removable/launderable internal solace cushioning, Microlock2 (patent pending) twofold lever maintenance framework.

This framework comprises of a thermoplastic ergonomic opening device, and another alaluminiumotched and holding lever. The toothed lever discharges the micrometric strip, in this way the button strap must open up to an extremely extensive turn of the original lever.

This gadget minimizes the likelihood of inadvertent opening of the maintenance framework.

As mentioned earlier this helmet is the third new Nolan protective cap discharged by the manufacturer. It replaces the Nolan N43 Air and the U.S. rendition, the Nolan N43 Trilogy in the Italian producer’s lineup.

The N86 is a subsequent redesign of the Nolan N85, a helmet so prevalent that it has practically been quite a sellout all over the world. A large portion of what we said in regards to the N85 can be rehashed here; however we’ll highlight the distinctions.

The mix of Nolan quality and elements is difficult to beat for anybody with a “Balanced” to “Insignificant Narrow” head contour. The N86 sold in the U.S. meets the DOT standard and the protective helmet sold in Europe meet the ECE head protector wellbeing standard. Additionally, the N86 has a jaw drapery introduced.

This Italian made helmet is able to provide riders with an impressive amount safety and comfort while racing.

Our Nolan N86 Rapid Helmet Rating

We give the Nolan N86 a rating of 9.2 out of 10 stars for its shape, solace and cushioning. It has an exceptionally pleasant liner and cushioning that functions admirably in hot climates. The ventilation system featured in this product is great.

Another thing that played a role in the rating is the amount of comfort this helmet is able to provide to riders. Whatever helmet a person ends up choosing the level of comfort it offers plays a huge part in the buying decision. A lot of riders tend to ride for hours.

That is why the helmet should no feel heavy to wear and give rise to stress in the neck and shoulder areas. The design of the N86 Rapid allows the helmet to be light in weight and thus, not feel heavy to the rider.

What I like about the Nolan N86 Rapid Helmet

tickFor someone who has tested the Nolan N86 Rapic helmet I need to say that it is an exceptionally well-assembled head protector. Everything feels like quality. The face shield expulsion framework which is introduced in the N86 additionally seems, by all accounts, to be indistinguishable.

A spring-stacked catch in the inside rapidly and effortlessly discharges the face shield for expulsion and substitution. In general, the face shield on the N86 is great and provides with good vision. The ventilation system present in the helmet helps to keep the face cool and I didn’t feel suffocated while I was riding my bike.

While the inner padding is capable of molding to the shape of the face it doesn’t impede the listening ability.

Nolan N86 Rapid Price and Where to Buy

In case you’re keen on purchasing the Nolan N86 Rapid Helmet then you can without much of a stretch get it from Amazon. You can get this helmet for around $200 and you won’t have to pay extra for shipping either.

This helmet is perfect for riders who want to feel secure while experiencing racing at high speeds.

More About Nolan

logo-nolanNolan helmets have been manufactured in Bergamo, Italy since 1972. The company was started by Lander Nocchi. The company is proud of its Italian heritage.

The goal of the company is to provide riders all over the world with high-quality helmets that deliver innovative features at the best of prices.

Over the years the company has proved itself to be one of the best helmet manufacturers in the world.

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