AGV K3 Gothic Motorcycle Helmet Review

AGV K3 Gothic Motorcycle Helmet


Style & Design




Safety & Protection





  • Cool graphics and design.
  • Comfortable helmet.
  • Light weight.
  • Good vision.


  • Can be noisy.
  • Bit annoying for those who wear glasses.
  • Can get a little tight after long distance.

Hey, everyone! It’s me, Wazza here, with another amazing helmet for all of you to check out. Today we’ll be looking into another helmet AGV which is known as the K3 Gothic Full Face Motorcycle helmet.

This in-depth review will help you decide whether or not this is the product you should be paying for. So, let’s start.

The AGV K-3 Gothic Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

AGV K3 Gothic Helmet RossiThe AGV K-3 Helmet is the perfect choice for riders searching for a safe and high-quality head defender at a price that justifies the features it offers.

The XQRS part makes the face shield swapping quick and contraption less, while the various escapes keep the riders head cool and pleasant.

The liner and cheek pads are removable, allowing the head defender to stay new and without grunge. The AGV K-3 is the best choice for people who have some obvious interest in MotoGP.

So, if you consider yourself as that kind of a person then you have come to the right place. Today we will be covering everything there it to know about the AGV K-3 Gothic Full Face Motorcycle helmet.

Calfskin makes for the essential AGV defensive top. In the midst of the 1950s in the years of Italian monetary advancement, the calfskin tops made by AGV were a favored choice by pilots.

Since the start of the full-face top, AGV has been a pioneer in the generation of inventive head defender ranges for the change, protection, and comfort for riders.

Offering a combination of things for dashing, GT, Street Road, City, Off-Road, and also an immense measure of embellishments, AGV offers everything an enthusiastic rider needs to welcome the surge of riding safely and effortlessly.

k3 gothic helmet

In 1945, Gino Amisano, an accountant in Valenza, Italy began another business with two unique associates and created AGV. The association concentrated on cyclists and later cruiser riders who may buy saddle spreads and backrest pads for their Labrettas and Vespa’s.

After 1947, Gino continued offering saddle covers. This idea began first as a calfskin head defender arrangement and unavoidably transitioned into the diagrams that you see today.

With the presentation of fiberglass in the 1950s, Gino could take his business to the accompanying level with the creation of the present mishap top using fiberglass shells.

The K-3 is near the top end of the AGV range segment level. The primary full-stand up to thermoplastic model in the AGV range, the K-3 is the greatest choice for riders searching for a secured, amazing top with appealing framework at a price that is affordable.

The K-3 setup is charged by the latest AGV upgrades starting from the Stealth, S-4, and Ti-Tech and made persistent with the Edge/Edge LX and GP-Tech that have so clearly and especially portrayed the association’s style.

This makes the tops stand out from the rest of the crowd. Just by looking at a helmet you can know whether or not it has been manufactured by AGV. Additionally, the range of features, which I will be talking about below, makes the current helmet one of the best when compared to the rest of the products that are available in the market.

The AGV K-3 Gothic Full Face Helmet Specs

The AGV K3 Gothic Full Face Helmet comes with a whole range of features that not only offers protection to riders but also boasts a whole of lot of features that justify the current price tag you can buy it at.

Here’s the whole list of specs related to the helmet:

  • HIR-TH (high safe thermoplastic) blacktop shell.
  • Dry-Lax fabric with hygienic treatment.
  • It has a removable inside (not withstanding neck roll).
  • 1 shell size.
  • It has a Twofold D ring strap.
  • Parametrical visor seal for upgraded face shield seal.
  • Extra Quick Release System face shield substitution without mechanical assemblies in couple of minutes.
  • It features front air confirmations and back extractors.
  • Little scale metrically portable strap support system has a micro lock structure and an against theft ring.
  • It comes with a Two year maker’s certification.

AGV K3 Gothic Helmet Views

The AGV K-3 Gothic Full Face bicycle defensive top has been inspired from the most elevated purpose of the line AGV GP-Tech street bike top. It passes on a critical number of impelled highlights at a sensible expense.

This is the perfect sport bike head defender for those who are in search for a high-quality and safe top. It also comes with its unique sense of style that helps to boost the excitement you will experience when riding on the open road.

Our AGV K3 Gothic Helmet Rating

Personally I will give the AGV K3 Gothic Full Face Motorcycle Helmet a rating of 8.9/10. The reason is that it is a first rate top that features some impressive specs.

The fit is splendid, to a great degree solid, and has a shape that won’t make you feel uncomfortable even if you have been riding continuously for hours on your bike.

While the quality makes it a good investment the AGV K-3 is the best choice individuals who want to feel safe as well look stylish during their bike rides. It truly is a charming and light-weight helmet. You can wear it with glasses.

What I Like About the AGV K3 Gothic Motorcycle Helmet

I like this helmet because it is more or less perfectly made. Once you wear it you can feel the inner padding adjusting to the state of your face.

It is also light so you can ride for quite a while without experiencing any burden on your neck. The overall ventilation is grand due to the design of the helmet and the chin vents.

However, the shield may get foggy if you happen to exhale through your mouth during cold weather. Also, the multi-color design that the helmet helps to give a person a cool look as they ride.

Where to Buy The AGV K3 Gothic Helmet

In case you’re keen on purchasing the AGV K3 Gothic Full Face Motorcycle Helmet then you can easily buy yourself one through It will cost you around $220. You likewise don’t need to stress over paying more since delivery is free.

Amazon is also pretty fast at shipping, which is why I order from there a lot. The helmet is available in sizes that include X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and even XX-Large. So, you can easily find the right size for you.

More about AGV

AGV logoAGV is known for making amazing products such as the helmet I gave an in-depth review of. AGV works to secure the passion of its customers as they experience the joys of riding motorbikes, and the exhilarating speed that is coupled with it.

Over the years AGV helmets has proved itself to be a forced to be reckoned with. They have continued to provide riders around the world with high-quality products, and through the current state of their quality, they will continue to do so for many decades to come.

AGV believes in innovation in order to further protect their riders and that’s exactly what can be seen through the products the manufacturer has available in the market.

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