Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 LE Helmet Review

Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 LE Helmet


Style & Design




Safety & Protection





  • Good visibility and wide vision,
  • Cool design and graphics.
  • Comfortable with good stability,
  • Good air flow.


  • Fairly pricey but worth the money.
  • Can be a little bit loud.
  • Some say it's a little heavy.

Hi guys! Here is another Arai helmet review and today I will be talking about the Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 LE helmet. I hope many of you would be having an eye on this helmet to be a part of your gadget bag.

Arai has made quite a name in the production of bicycle parts and industrial equipment. The company is of Japanese origin with its head quarter in Aichi, Japan.

Tokuji Arai is the president of Arai Industrial Ltd. and has taken the company to another level through the use of effective engineering methods to satisfy users’ demand as well as affirming the safety of the rider.

One of the reasons behind producing such great helmets is their devotion and engineering skills which impart quality to their products.

Products may not be in bulk and most of the products are limited editions but quality is something which is never compromised. Nicky Hayden who has won Redbull U.S. Grand Prix twice is an Arai wearer as well as is the comedian Jay Leno.

The Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 Motorcycle Helmet

Arai has always been very keen to ensure the safety and consider the role of a helmet, basically, to be a protective gear.

The company also doesn’t take anything away from the efforts that the designers have put in to make sure that this helmet looks really cool and attractive.

The features unveiled by the company are just breathtaking and deserve applause as they have made it extremely comfortable for the user to breathe by superb ventilation mechanism.

The shell is strong, smooth and allows the redirection of energy instead of it being transferred to the rider. This has been achieved by lowering and reducing the size of the pivot cover on the shell.

In addition to that, features like antimicrobial Eco-pure liner have earned it the position of being a showcase model for the company. It has longer, straighter diffusers to improve aerodynamics and stability working with the AirWing with an increase in the efficiency of 19%.

The Arai Corsair X has earned the reputation of being “quieter” as chin curtain has been employed in its production to block the air entering inside and prevent the turbulence which can be really disturbing for a rider looking forward for an unbothered ride.

Peel away ear pocket pads and ear recess have been provided so that communicator speakers can be accommodated.

The Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016Motorcycle Helmet Specs

Let’s have a look at some of the specifications of the Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 Helmet.

  • Weighs 3.55 lbs and has intermediate oval shape.
  • Removable neck role and removal of interior heat through additional vents and channels.
  • Adjustable intake vents with three different positions ranging from closed, half and fully opened to prevent the noise of the wind and penetration of water.
  • Approved by Department Of Transportation (DOT) and is Snell 2015(both are helmet standards).
  • Cheek pads have Tab feature for release in case of emergency.
  • VAS shield as well as the side pods are the features which are solely associated with Arai Corsair X Helmet.
  • Visibility is good in all conditions of weather and anti-fog Pinlock insert is also provided.
  • PB SNC2 shell with large strength to weight ratio.
  • Face-fit to ensure stability during operation.

The egg-shaped design with a convex 75 mm curve makes the helmet to disperse energy rather than transmitting it into the rider as well as Variable Axis System(VAS), a face shield system, is something new in Corsair X Helmets which adds to the complexity of the design but takes absolutely nothing away from the elegance that this piece possesses.

It has a snap face shield removal system and provides its users with more space as chin bar has been extended by 3 mm as compared to Corsair V Helmets.

Yet another way for blocking the energy to be absorbed is to allow the frame made of quite a number of pieces to break right away at the moment of impact to release the pressure.

This has been used to make the Arai Corsair X to be safer while encountering accidents. Removal of the moist air is carried out by the ducts between cheek pads and headliner to hinder the glass from getting blur.

Our Rating of Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 LE Helmet

We would like to give this helmet a 4.7 out of 5 rating as this helmet does not only protect the rider from injuries but also provides him/her the comfortable ride.

The advanced ventilation system, better vision qualities, increase in the quality of aerodynamics and better fit makes it the best helmet for the rider to buy in this price range.

Egg shaped helmet makes it easy for the rider to wear it comfortably and have better ventilation system. Company’s warranty and rich features resist us from giving this helmet a lower rating and it would be also not fair after observing its rich features.

The graphics are absolutely fantastic as Arai has added a range of colors to the design to make it look extremely cool and eye-catching. The process of applying base coat requires five days of labor by hand.

They have added more orange and red to this year’s limited addition and its glassy finish makes it stand out in the way it looks.
You have the liberty to choose white or red according to what you think you want to have on your head.

What else can one ask for when one gets comfort, style and security in one product? I bet you can’t take your eyes off this beautiful thing once you have a look at it right in front of you.

What I Like About Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 Motorcycle Helmet

The classic features of Corsoir X IOM TT have made me like this helmet. Better ventilation system and its design to fit around the face with having various sizes have increased its demand.

Comfortable interior and strong body with light weight has increased its features and attracted the audience.

Where to Buy The Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 Helmet

So, if you were fancying this helmet or you have just been perplexed by the features which have been addressed here in detail then don’t hold back. It’s worthy of each and every penny!

All those guys who are bikers or MotoGp enthusiasts, are well aware of what I am trying to say when I tell you that you won’t be wasting your money if you have a thought of ‘latching’ on to the limited edition of Arai Corsair X IOM TT 2016 Helmet.

So, hurry up and don’t waste your time or you might end up losing this limited edition of something worth having. You can buy it online from


More about Arai Helmets

AraiIf one wants to know the reliability and quality of this company, then he/she should get Arai helmets and result would be one i-e you’ll love it.

This company truly deserves every bit of fame it has gained in a long span of time due to its assurance of protection as well as comfort of the riders.

The body of the helmets, interior design and strength to protect the rider form injuries, all these qualities are found in their helmets.

Arai helmets are tested at labs as well as in real life for quality assurance. Arai is also one of those few companies which have their own wind tunnel testing labs to test noise, ventilation, aerodynamics etc.

The company has produced a large number of helmets with different specifications. Bikers can buy any helmet made by Arai and he will feel relax after buying it.

One thing that can be assured while buying an Arai helmet is that the price paying for the helmet is not going in waste.

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