Arai Nicky 6 Corsair-X Street Motorcycle Helmet

Arai Nicky 6 Corsair-X Street Motorcycle Helmet


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  • Cool graphics.
  • Good air flow.
  • Protection and durability.
  • Wide vision.


  • Medium noise level.

Hey there guys, it is me, your MotoGP enthusiast friend, Wazza! This time around I have come up with a helmet which is a bit expensive but if you ask me it is worth the price.

I am talking about another awesome helmet by Arai which is known as the Arai Corsair X Nicky 6 Helmet. This helmet has advanced features compared to others and a plus point is that it has been worn by the 2006 MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden.

This helmet is part of the elite league and there is no doubt why. First of all looking at its structure, it’s so smooth and refined that only looking at it one can judge what it is capable of.

This helmet has a strong and super fiber made shell which has been assembled by Arai experts. The shell is not only strong but is also flexible and has tensile strength.

So, before I end up saying everything about this helmet here let us go ahead and start with my in-depth review. Make sure to read till the end and see why this helmet is awesome.

The Arai Corsair Nicky 6 Helmet

69 Nicky hayden 2006This helmet has earned its fame due to its extraordinary features. To get the maximum out of a motorbike ride, the rider needs to be careful of his protection and this helmet assures that to the fullest.

Its shell is made from synthetic fibers which provide strong protection during serious accidents. A main issue arises when a helmet doesn’t fit properly over the rider’s head but this problem has also been solved because this helmet is capable of providing a snug fit.

Its pin trajectories have been combined with the dual pivot points which ensure the smoothness in opening and closing of the shield.

Then there is the improved latch of the shield which prevents unexpected opening during rides. The improved version holds and secures the shield when it’s closed.

The Arai Corsair Nicky 6 Helmet Review Specs

Read on to get to know about all of the specs that this helmet has in store for its wearers.

  • Many improvements have been made in this helmet. One is the IC Duct5 that allows eleven percent more flows of the air as compared to previous version. There are three switches places which make it easier to open and limit the intrusion of water.
  • There is a fully removable and comfortable interior liner which makes sure that rider gets an enjoyable ride. The material of interior is such that helps neutral level close to skin. The interior so soft and new removable pad has been allowed to insert to fit the head.
  • As mentioned above its shell is made from synthetic fibers which have been manually assembled by the experts at Arai. It provides superb protection and flexibility to the rider thus guarding him/her during crucial accidents.
  • The shell is made smoother which provides the helmet to glance off things more efficiently.
  • The chin side structure is such that it prevents intrusion of turbulent air from the under area of the helmet and enhances the negative pressure, thus increasing the functionality of the chin vent.
  • Three air intake vents have been placed to provide enhanced sealing which will decrease noise at the road and intrusion of the water.

It was designed by the Arai Company and I can’t agree more that their helmets surely deserve the repute they have earned over the years since they started to make helmets. Every helmet of theirs is handmade with great care and effort.

The result is them having the top position in satisfaction section of helmet reviews. Not only this but putting the protection of racers first, their helmets are approved by Snell Memorial Foundation Safety.

As we can see that their helmets aren’t only used by bike riders but also by many formula one racers.

When looking for an elite class helmet the search stops right here. This helmet has proven itself many times. If we talk about its attractiveness then I would say it kind of lacks in that department.

Its plain design isn’t much beautiful. However, the thing which makes it expensive is its structure. The enhanced version of the shield, side pods which are only exclusive to this model, double function level which causes shield to quickly get removed, Duct5 forehead vent which provides eleven percent more flow of air all add to the value of this product. This is a helmet with features that truly justifies its current price tag.

Arai Corsair Nicky 6 Helmet Our Rating

We give this helmet a strong rating of 9.3 stars out of 10. Though it’s a one of a kinds helmet but it lacks an attractive design where it loses points. It could have been designed a lot better.

Nowadays, it’s easy to custom paint and design helmets so it wouldn’t be a problem for you to do that if you happen to buy this product.

This helmet surely proves loyal where severe accidents are concerned due to its strong and synthetic fiber made shell. It really does prioritize the safety of the riders rather than anything else.

Obviously this helmet beats many other mainstream helmets due to its enhanced features which can’t be overlooked. The shield system has an improved latch. Due to this feature opening and closing of the shield unexpectedly is avoided.

And the eco pure liner that is its interior liner system is made in such a way that keeps neutral acidity level close to human skin.

What I Like About the Arai Corsair Nicky 6 Helmet

What I really like about this helmet, among its other top notch features, are the diffusers which are straightened and longer this time. They improve aerodynamics and work with Air Wing to improve stability and giving nineteen percent increment in efficiency. They actually work to improve the performance of the rider.

Arai Corsair Nicky 6 Helmet Price & Where to Buy

If you are someone who is interested in buying this helmet then you can buy it from for under $900.

Also you don’t have to worry about shipping because it is free. The price of the helmet will change depending on the size you go for so keep that in mind when selecting the one you want.

More about Arai Helmet Limited

AraiThis is of those companies which truly deserves respect which has earned it good fame. This is because their every helmet is handmade and they are approved by Snell Memorial Foundation safety criteria.

Due to which many racers have trust on their helmets and use them. Their helmets are not only used by MotoGP enthusiasts but also by Formula-1 racers.

It’s not astounding as to why this is the case because a helmet making company’s duty is to make helmets which put safety of the racers first then their comfort, and then everything else.

This company has surely made their way to become one of the top notch companies and earned some good awards. It has been ranked first among customer satisfaction in Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Studies.

It has also gained top position is overall satisfaction styling and ventilation. Formula 1 racer like Adrian Sutil, Jenson Butto, Kamui Kobayashi, etc. use their helmets.

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