HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth Helmet

HJC RPHA-10 Pro Elsworth Helmet


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  • Nice design.
  • Great airflow.
  • Comfortable.
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  • Nothing bad to say about this helmet.

Hi MotoGP fans, its Wazza here with another HJC helmet review. Today I’ll be telling you all there to know about the HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth Helmet.

So, make sure to read the whole review in order to understand the specs of this helmet and whether or not you should buy it.

HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth Helmet

The HJC RPHA 10 protective helmet has been developed utilizing an exclusive mixture of carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid and natural strands.

This Premium Integrated Matrix surpasses SNELL 2015 measures. The RPHA 10 is improved for fit, solace and optimal design utilizing best in class CAD innovation.

Depending on a cutting edge tri-composite shell, the RPHA-10 Pro Elsworth is HJC’s chief helmet when it comes to street bike racing.

A lot of focus was put on the ventilation system present in the helmet and to make sure that it provides the rider with ultimate comfort.

Substantiating itself out on the circuit with Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies, the RPHA-10 takes to the general population streets with preeminent solace and security at a value that is still lower than the opposition.

HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth Helmet Specs

Here’s a complete list of specs that the HJC RPHA 10 Elsworth Helmet that you should check out.

  • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation framework: Full front to back wind stream flushes warmth and moistness up and out.
  • Max Air-stream top vent: Variable wind current is balanced by glove-accommodating dials on every admission vent.
  • New, less demanding to work button vent.
  • Rapid Fire II HJ-20 shield substitution framework: Simple and secure shield ratchet framework gives ultra-fast, device less expulsion and establishment.
  • Optically-prevalent Pin lock arranged 2D level hustling shield with included clear Pin lock embed.
  • 2-Stage shield conclusion framework with one-touch focus locking framework makes for a to a great degree tight and secure seal.
  • Silver Cool plus inside: Removable/Washable inside. Premium delicate inside with Ginkgo Extract, dampness wicking and smell free with cutting edge silver hostile to bacterial fabric.
  • 3 shell sizes.
  • 5 year restricted Warranty.
  • Meets or surpasses SNELL 2015 and D.O.T. guidelines.
  • Weight: 3.39 lbs./1,540 grams (estimate, taking into account Size Medium Solid Color.

The RPHA-10 Pro cap from HJC is a higher end, more forceful style protective helmet in the RPHA (Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advantage) group of caps.

The RPHA Max is the particular for cruiser or driving riding, the RPHA-X is the rough terrain adaptation. The past HJC RPS-10 and the RPHA 10 head protectors were intended for Ben Spies, a MotoGP racer, so the shape and outline of the helmet is made for more forceful riding and track use.

The RPHA 10 Pro proceeds with that outline reasoning. The head protector can be utilized as a part of an upright situated position, however, works best in the inclined forward position.

Truly the main distinction is that HJC has done a reversal to their logo on the front of the protective cap, instead of the adapted “R”.

Generally as with the RPHA 10, the Pro still has the enhanced vent on the button bar, making it somewhat greater and simpler to function.

The RPHA 10 head protector offers a great degree of light weightiness for rider’s relief. Truth be told, it is one of the lightest Snell 2010 caps in the commercial center.

Our HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth Helmet Rating

Taking into account everything that the helmet features we give it a strong rating of 9.5 out of 10 stars. It is able to shut out all of the motor noise when riding 120 km/hr.

The venting system has been improved a lot and that’s why you won’t experience a lot of wind on the face when riding.

The weight of helmet is also impressive as it does away with the stress that rider’s feel when riding continuously for a long time.

What I like about HJC RPHA-10 Pro Elsworth Helmet

tickSince this is a helmet intended for execution at higher rates the head protector is extremely streamlined and is made to fit comfortable around the jaw and the back of the neck.

This makes the head protector somewhat hard to get on and off at first, however, once it is on the cap has a comfy yet agreeable fit around the face.

The shell of the helmet is produced using a carbon fiber and fiberglass epoxy. This makes the head protector exceptionally tough and amazingly light.

As I mentioned above the light weight of the helmet is quite impressive. When I put the helmet on I liked how the inner padding was able to snuggly fit around my face.

I also didn’t feel a lot of pressure on my neck when I wrote it. Also I didn’t feel as if my vision was being impeded due to the featured face shield.

The design is quite cool and I can easily see it being a hit with young riders who want that wow factor in their overall persona when they participate in racing competitions.

HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth Price & Where to Buy

If you’re someone who wants to buy the HJC RPHA 10 Pro Elsworth then you buy it from Amazon.com for under $400. You don’t have to worry about shipping because it is free.

You can get this helmet in a variety of sizes that includes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Also you don’t have to worry about paying extra or less when it comes to the helmet size because the price remains the same.


More about HJC

HJC HelmetsSince 1971, HJC has worked in assembling cruiser caps only. The blend of this broad particular assembling knowledge, imaginative thoughts, and sensible estimating brought about HJC’s achievement in overall markets.

It is HJC’s continual objective to give high capability, agreeable, and sensibly valued helmet to motorcyclists around the globe.

In the current time of helmet producing, HJC Helmets is pleased to say that their helmets are always tried in both lab testing and additionally in “genuine” life for quality affirmation.

Also HJC is one of few helmet manufacturing companies that have their own class window burrow testing research center where they test for optimal design, ventilation, clamor, and the rest.

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