Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet Review

Marc Marquez X-Spirit Motegi Helmet


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Hello to all of the MotoGP enthusiasts reading this right now. It’s me Wazza back again with yet another review of a different helmet by Shoei. The helmet that I’m reviewing today is the Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet.

If you had been thinking about buying a replica of this helmet for yourself, then you should go through this review before finalizing your purchase.

Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet

Marc Marquez

The Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet is a great helmet that does not disappoint. The helmet was worn by Marc Marques during the MotoGP season in 2013. The Shoei Corporation Limited is a company based in Japan that is most famously known for the manufacture of the popular motor sport helmets.

Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet Specs

Here’s a whole list of the helmet specifications that you should certainly give a read to.

  • It has a Quick release and self-adjusting system
  • CW-1 face shield
  • Shell construction
  • It features 5 different shell sizes
  • Chin curtain
  • Emergency quick release system
  • Interior of helmet lined with Max Dry
  • Efficient ventilation system
  • Aero edge spoiler
  • It has a Dual layer liner.

In 2013, during the MotoGP Season, rider Marc Marquez was able to secure his very first MotoGP championship, that too in the rookie year hence becoming the youngest rider to ever do this. Marc Marquez was able to take the MotoGP world by storm.

He ended up winning exactly six races, was able to finish on the podium in eighteen various rounds and was able to qualify on pole at half of these rounds.

He was also able to set the fastest laps ever of the entire race. Then, in the 17th round of the championship that was being held in Motegi, Marc had a special helmet which features quite a graphic; it had a Japanese flag design for honoring Honda.

This particular helmet also worked as a good luck charm as Marc was successfully able to claim the title of the championship. Yes, the helmet he had on when he won the championship was the one under analysis today; the Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet.

Fibers with high elasticity are combined with high performance in every single shell. As a result, you get a helmet that has superior durability, is extremely rigid and is excessively lightweight. The ventilation system of the helmet is also top notch.

This system includes a top outlet which is independent of any spoiler, Air scoop 3 intake, and a couple of side extractor vents. These side vents allow an optimum airflow in the helmet, hence allowing defogging and cooling. The helmet is lined with Max-Dry which is completely removable from all of the components.

Additionally, this Max-Dry lining also dissipates all of the moisture in a very short time from the inside of the helmet.

The helmet is also compatible with the CW-1 face shield. This offers a much larger field of vision, as compared to the other face shield. The helmet also features a quick release system for changing the face shield. This system is also self-adjusting and does not require any tools.

The Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit helmet has been born from all the racing and has also combined the 50 years’ experience that the company has. This experience combined with advanced materials and the latest technology result in the best helmet ever made.

Our rating of Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet

We gave the Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet a spectacular rating of 9.6 out of 10! This rating is highly justified, because of a number of reasons. First of all, the helmet has great durability, and is quite rigid, contributing greatly to a great performance.

Secondly, the ventilation system is top notch, effectively helping a rider in giving his or her best during a ride. If you are a fan of Marc Marquez and want to be a champion like him, then this is the helmet for you.

What I like about the Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi helmet

tickPerhaps the most commendable thing about the helmet is the ventilation system as well as the interior lining of the helmet which does a great job in keeping the rider completely cool. Additionally, the design of the helmet is also quite attractive and eye catching.

Furthermore, Shoei has also never disappointed when it comes to helmets. Their helmets have always been very helpful in boosting the confidence of the rider.

Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet price & where to buy

The official price of the Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit Motegi Helmet is in the mid $800s and you can buy it from Amazon. You don’t have to worry about shipping because it is free to get this product delivered to your doorstep. So, if you’re someone who wants to look cool then go ahead and buy this helmet. There’s a reason behind why it has been used by famous racers.

More about Shoei

SHOEIShoei is a company based in Japan which has been manufacturing the helmets for motorcycle riders since the year 1958. However, the roots of the company can be traced back all the way to the year 1954 when Kamata Polyster Corporation was founded.

The founder of Shoei, Eitaro Kamata, started the production of helmets for motorcycle sector. Then, in 1960, the factory in Tokyo started the production of the very first motorcycle helmets that would meet the standards – the Japanese Industrial Standard.

In 1965, another company, the Honda Motor Cooperation adapted the helmets by Shoei as the genuine helmets which increased the availability and popularity of the helmet.

Finally, in 1968, Shoei Safety Helmet Corporation was established shortly after the Ibaraki factory was constructed. The current operating factory in Iwate had been built back in 1989.

Despite their great success, the company still remains relatively small with manpower of less than five hundred people from around the world. Shoei has also provided helmets for a number of MotoGP riders. In MotoGP, the company provided helmets for Bradley Smith and Marc Marquez.

In Moto2, the company provided helmets for Mattia Pasini and Thomas Luthi while in Moto3, Arthur Sissis and Alex Marquez received their helmets from Shoei.

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