Nolan N104 Evo Como Helmet Review

N104 Evo Como Helmet Review


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  • Great air flow.
  • Comfortable.
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  • Good looking helmet.


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Hey, everyone! It is me Wazza here! I’m back again with another helmet review for all you MotoGP enthusiasts. Today we will be looking at the Nolan N104 Evo Como Helmet.

In this review you’ll get to know everything there is to know about this helmet and see whether or not this is a product that you should buy. So, let’s get to it!

Nolan N104 Evo Como Helmet

The N104 EVO is an overhaul of the N104 and consolidates specialized arrangements with an enhanced level of solace. Delivered in two external shell sizes of infused polycarbonate GE Lexan, keeping the caps weight to a base and proportionate to the rider’s measure; the dimensions permits plentiful cubic volume in the button/nose range.

Let’s go over all of the specs that the helmet boasts and is capable of giving to the rider.

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The Nolan N104 Evo Como Helmet Specs

Here’s a complete list of the specs that the helmet has. Give them a read!

  • Infused polycarbonate Lexan shell
  • Two Shell building permits Nolan N104 EVO to offer sizes from 2XS to 3XL (2XS-LG and XL-3XL)
  • Dimensionally-right measuring permits abundant cubic volume in jaw/nose zone

Face shield

  • Face shields are measured to fit the two diverse shell sizes (2XS-LG and XL-3XL)
  • Ultra wide eye port opening is the biggest on any Nolan head protector for prevalent deceivability
  • Shield is changed by a basic push catch component
  • Pin lock shield included with every protective cap
  • VPS (Vision Protection System) slider bar to bring down the sun shield, push catch discharge for moment withdrawal
  • VPS lens is scratch and haze safe
  • Centromatic button watch opening component requires double activity, concurrent activity to forestall inadvertent opening
  • Double activity opening instrument is situated in the focal point of the button watch and takes into account simple, one-gave opening


  • AIRBOOSTER ventilation framework, guarantees ideal ventilation where is generally required
  • Air consumption in the jaw protect attracts air and onto within the face shield
  • 3 position top vent (shut, crown vent, crown/temples vent)
  • 2 venture deplete ports at back of cap
  • Plastic vent tube diverts in EPS scatter cool air all through the cap inside

Inner shell

  • Removable cheek cushions, inward liner, neck roll and wind defender
  • The inward cushioning of the N104 EVO is effortlessly removable and launderable and antibacterial
  • The state of the inward solace cushioning encourages eyeglass wearing
  • Intelligent supplement at the focal point of the move neck further enhances the rider’s perceivability around evening time
  • Neck roll can be evacuated effortlessly, for more solace in the hotter months

Other specs

  • N-Com Communiqué System-good
  • Highlights Microlock2 speedy discharge maintenance framework
  • Microlock2 comprises of a plastic ergonomic opening lever, and of a second aluminum toothed and holding lever
  • Microlock2 minimizes the likelihood of accidental opening while as yet making it ergonomic and simple to utilize
  • Meets or surpasses DOT guidelines

Great For Long Rides

Its ventilation framework, having Air Booster Technology, now offers better inward atmosphere control in each condition. The (licensed) button watch revolution development with circular direction makes it conceivable to keep the aggregate size of the helmet front area to a base when the jaw gatekeeper is open.

The “sail” impact is subsequently decreased and riding solace is still ensured, notwithstanding when the jaw gatekeeper is lifted. The N104 EVO is likewise fitted with an ultra-wide face shield, permitting the motorcyclist to appreciate a more extensive than normal field of vision.

It additionally accompanies a Pin lock prepared against haze face shield.

Once you put it on, you will begin to see the little enhancements Nolan has made. Planning to improve its previous design’s comfort and vent, Nolan set to work changing the inside cushioning and neck window ornament while additionally opening up the front admission air vents.

Untouched in this redesign is the flip up button bar, the drop down sunshield and simple to change out face shield. Begin to consider the product as a whole and you will find that the Nolan N104 EVO is an exceptionally strong decision in the focused secluded cap section.

Great Ventilation

The temple vents can be opened freely from the top vents to tweak the wind stream in the head protector. Fully removable and washable four-piece Clime-Comfort® cushioning is wicking, breathable and treated with characteristic silver salt to be antibacterial and antifungal.

Innovative ventilation framework is likewise furnished with air consumption in the button watch, an air admission in the frontal region, and two back extractors reusing air inside the cap. The helmet has been produced in two external shell sizes of infused polycarbonate GE Lexan.

In short, the new N104 model is the combination of all the advancement that Nolan could present in the field of particular helmet, beginning with the first and unique N100 in 1998.

The N104 EVO is likewise fitted with an extensive face shield, permitting the motorcyclist to appreciate a more extensive than-normal field of vision.

It additionally accompanies a Pin lock prepared against mist face shield. A VPS sunscreen, Microlock2 keep structure and set up for the N-COM B4 correspondence structure varnish the standard outfit of this staggering protective cap.

Our Nolan Helmet N104 Evo Como Helmet Rating

tickGoing by all of the features that the helmet has we give this helmet a strong rating of 4.6 out 5 stars. The N104 has a superior fit and more extensive field-of-perspective than the N90 and there is by all accounts a marginally higher wind clamor.

The air vents are more proficient as well. There are fewer crevices amongst you and the wind screen beneath the jaw. The only negative is that the cushioning for the jaw strap is somewhat more slender and shorter than the N90.

It’s not uncomfortable but might take some time to get accustomed to.

What I Like About the Nolan N104 Evo Como Helmet

Not having had anything to contrast it with I read up on every one of the reviews before I purchased it, and I truly liked it. The helmet is quite agreeable. I liked the windshield and the weight of the helmet. I don’t feel any discomfort while riding my bike while wearing the helmet.

Nolan Helmets N104 Evo Como Helmet Price and Where to Buy

If you’re interested in buying the Nolan Helmets N104 Evo Como Helmet then you can easily get one through

Click here to check the price.

Don’t worry about shipping because it is free. The helmet weighs 5.3 pounds and is 14x11x11 inches in dimension.

More about Nolan Helmets

Nolan Helmets LogoNolan Helmets is an Italy-based company that was founded back in 1972. The company was initiated by Lander Nocchi. Over the years the company has proved itself to be the manufacturer of top-tier helmets that are known worldwide.

All of the Nolan helmets are covered with 5 years of warranty. It also meets and exceeds the standards of helmet construction. The company is proud of its Italian heritage and strives to bring innovative technologies in order to produce the best products for its customers.

It is only through decades of hard work that the manufacturer has been able to attain a dedicated fan base around the world. If you’re someone who has bought a Nolan helmet then you can rest assured that you have bought a product that is of high quality.

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