Nolan N91 Outlaw Helmet Review

Nolan N91 Outlaw Helmet


Style & Design




Safety & Protection





  • Excellent Fit and Finish
  • Good Airflow
  • Good Sun Visor
  • Nice Chin Strap


  • A Little Heavy
  • A Little Noisy

Hey guys, it is me, Wazza, here back again with another review of another spectacular helmet by Nolan. The helmet that I’ll be reviewing today is the Nolan N91 Outlaw helmet so if you’ve been thinking about purchasing the Nolan N91 Outlaw helmet, then my advice to you is that you should read this review so that you understand if this particular helmet is for you or not. I mean no one wants to buy a product which they end up regretting. That is why I do these reviews. I want all my MotoGP enthusiasts to get the best products available in the market. So, let’s start with the review.

Nolan N91 Outlaw Helmet

Nolan has been renowned for its helmets for quite a while now because of their high quality and their attractive design. Additionally, a number of famous riders have been associated with the brand such as Marco Melandri and Casey Stoner.

Nolan N91 Outlaw Helmet Specs

Here’s a whole list of specs regarding this product so you can understand why it has attracted famous racers as well as rest of the racers out there.

  • Full face flip-up helmet
  • Outer shell made of polycarbonate
  • Lexan outer coating
  • Suitable for both urban riding as well as touring.
  • Microlock2 system
  • Efficient vision protection system
  • Chin curtains
  • Adjustable vents
  • Clima comfort lining on the interior.
  • Bluetooth system ready.

Noran N91-black Noran N91-black Noran N91-Matt black Noran N91-Matt black

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The Nolan N91 is a flip-up full face helmet which has been produced as a result of the latest studies on comfort and design. The helmet is basically just an evolution of the Nolan N90 which was a best-seller in its time. The N91 Outlaw helmet has a modern style with color combinations that are absolutely captivating and has details that are completely intricate. The outer shell of the helmet is made from polycarbonate and has a Lexan outer coating. As a result, the Nolan N91 is a sophisticated, comfortable helmet that is the best for both urban riding as well as for touring,

When it comes to the vision protection system, the shield is short and dark and is mounted on the inner part of the helmet. Plus, the shield does not move together with the clear shield. Also, the shield is easy to slide due to the slider that is present on the left side of this helmet. This vision protection system provides the users with eye protection whenever it is used without the clear shield.

This helmet has also been equipped with a Microlock2 lever retention system. The opening lever of the system is of thermoplastic ergonomic while there is also another holding lever made of aluminum and is toothed. This toothed aluminum lever releases a micrometric strip. Hence, in order to open the chin strap, you would have to perform a broad rotation of the first lever. This entire system ensures that unintentional opening of the lever retention takes place as less times as possible.

The ventilation system of the helmet is also remarkable. The vents on the chin and on the top are adjustable plus there is a system on the rear of the helmet for air flow. Moreover, all of these moving parts of the helmets are quite solid and has a special yet different feel, but in a good way. The interior lining on the helmet is Clima Comfort and is washable as well as removable. This liner is very comfortable and is nicely padded. The cheek pads have also undergone antibacterial treatment. The neck roll also effectively reduces the wind and the noise coming in the helmet. The section of neck roll is padded thickly and provides the rider with a soft feel.

The shape of the helmet can be described only as neutral. It is round on the top however it becomes slightly tight when it comes to the sides. As a result, the helmet makes a great fit for a number of different head sizes and shapes. The N91 has no defined ear pickets. This absence of defined pockets makes the helmet feel a bit tighter from the sides however this tightness helps those that prefer to wear eyeglasses because the glasses won’t get stuck in a pocket.

The gasket for the eye port does not surround the helmet completely however it is thicker from the center keeping a tight seal. Water has no way of getting past the seal however it can pass it from the point where the gasket ends. It will not enter the eye port or obscure your vision.

Our rating of Nolan N91 Outlaw Helmet

We gave the Nolan N91 a spectacular rating of 4.6 out of 5! It has a reasonable price, has a great and comfortable fit, has a modern style, and an overall captivating design. If you liked the Nolan N90, then you would definitely have fun in upgrading to the Nolan N91. Even if you didn’t use the Nolan N90, this helmet will make a great purchase if you want a comfortable helmet that fits well and boosts your performance.

What I like about the Nolan N91 Outlaw Helme

To put it quite frankly, what is there not to like about this helmet? Most importantly, it gives the riders the right feeling of wearing a full face flip-up helmet. The great feeling that comes from wearing this helmet is not there in the other flip-up helmets that I have tried. This helmet truly is one of the higher quality products that you should go for if you happen to be in the market for good headgear to wear during a race.


Nolan N91 Outlaw Helmet price & where to buy

This Nolan N91 Outlaw helmet will cost you under $300 which is pretty reasonable if you ask me because you pay less but you are still rewarded with impressive features. If you want to buy this particular helmet then you can go get it from Amazon . Also you don’t have to worry about shipping because it is free. The helmet is available in various sizes that include X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Keep in mind that you don’t have to worry about paying extra because the price of the helmet remains the same regardless of the size you go for.

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More about Nolan Helmets


Nolan HelmetsNolan is a firm that makes motorcycle helmets and is based in Italy. It was founded back in 1972. The founder of the firm, Lander Nocchi, was an entrepreneur in the sectors of motorcycle accessories as well as car accessories. The company manufactures all of its components that can be seen on the helmet in-house. The company also manufactures helmets for all of those that are new to motorcycle riding. These helmets include the Grex line as well as the X-Lite brand.

Famous motorcycle riders including Marco Melandri and Casey Stoner have also made use of the helmets by Nolan throughout their career. In previous years, other famous racers have also used helmets by Nolan as well such as Ricardo Tormo.

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