Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica Helmet Review

Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica Helmet


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Hey guys, it is Wazza here, and I’m back again with another review of a helmet by a famous manufacturer known as Shark.

Today, we will be looking at the Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet replica helmet. In this review, you will be looking at all of the specifications of the Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica Helmet.

We will be talking about what we liked about the helmet, the rating, and the place from where you can buy the helmet for yourself.

If you had been thinking of buying this motorcycle helmet then it’s highly advisable that you give this review a read, before making up your mind. It is always a good thing to know everything there is to know about a product before you go ahead and make a purchase.

The Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica Helmet

For those of you who might now know the ‘Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Helmet’ was worn by Randy De Puniet during his championship. Randy is a French motorcyclist, and it has been said that due to wearing this helmet his performance was effectively improved.

Shark has always been known for making great motorcycle helmets specifically because of how light they are, their precision, the comfort they provide, and the improvement in performance in which they take part in.

The Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica Helmet Specs

Here’s a whole list of specifications of this helmet that will show you why this product from Shark is considered as one of the best helmets available in the market right now.

  • It has a Double blade spoiler
  • It also has an Optical class 1 visor
  • 4-point patented visor safety lock
  • Magnetic chin strap
  • Visor with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment.
  • Quick release system for the visor
  • It has a Double-d ring strap
  • 2 shell sizes
  • Sharktooth ready
  • Carbon aramid fiber
  • It features a Hermetic pad

The double blade spoiler present on the rear side of the helmet greatly aids the high speed aerodynamic force. The optical visor is of variable density and as a result, the optical quality provided by the visor is almost perfect. Additionally, the visor has no distortion.

This makes tis helmet to be one of best for riders who don’t like it when their helmets aren’t able to provide them with good eyesight. The two shell sizes of the helmet make optimal morphological adjustment possible.

One of the best features of this helmet is the great level of comfort it provides. In fact, the helmet even provides the best comfort for all of those people that wear glasses. Moreover, the hermetic pad for the neck greatly reduces the noise entering the helmet as well as the air which makes the rider even more comfortable when riding.

As far as I’m concerned I take into the comfort provided by a helmet very seriously. A person should be able to wear a helmet for a lot of hours during bike rides without feeling pain or fatigue in the neck and shoulder areas.

One Of The Most Advanced Helmets On The Market

The shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica helmet is considered as one of the most advanced helmets that are present on the market. This helmet is the most suitable one for the tracks and has been developed in order to meet all the needs of a rider while being in the toughest competition.

The double blade spoiler and the contoured shell pave the way for optimized aerodynamics, giving rise to the most effective ventilation system. The liner is made from natural bamboo fiber and is removable and washable.

The internal padding has multiple densities and has been designed to provide optimized protection along with improved ventilation. This is a helmet that will help improve the performance of a rider during a race.

The Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica helmet is a top notch helmet. While being extremely light and possessing the best aerodynamic shape, the Shark Race-R Pro De-Puniet Replica helmet is also civilized on the streets too.

The ventilation system is not only quite prominent, but is also very effective; however, the best highlight of the helmet is the quick release system of the visor. There are no moving parts; in place is the simplest of release, making the system tough, compact and very easy to use.

Thus, whether you track day, race or simply ride on the street, the Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet replica helmet gives the best when it comes to performance and features.

Our Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica Helmet rating

tickThe two shell sizes promise a comfortable fit plus the helmet is quite durable and has a great design.

If you want to have a thrilling ride while also ensuring that you stay safe, then the best option for you is this Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica helmet. It is definitely worth buying.
What I like about the Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica helmet

Perhaps the best thing about this helmet is the quietness that it provides. Once the rider wears the helmet, he won’t hear any loud sounds which have the potential of distracting him from enjoying his thrilling ride.

The aerodynamic shape of the helmet, along with the neck roll, makes the helmet as quiet as possible. One other remarkable feature of the helmet is the great ventilation system, which keeps all of the cyclonic wind out of the helmet, aiding the rider in improved performance.

Additionally, shark helmets have always given us a great experience which is another reason for liking this helmet. If you happen to buy it you can be sure that you have paid for a high-quality product.

Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Replica helmet price & where to buy

The Shark Race-R Pro De Puniet Helmet costs around $450-$470.00. If you have made up your mind about buying it, you can easily get this helmet from Amazon

The best part is that you won’t have to pay extra for shipping. You can get this helmet in different sizes that include Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Another awesome thing is that the prize doesn’t vary regardless of the size you select to buy and wear during your rides.

More about Shark Helmets

Shark Helmets LogoWith an experience of more than twenty years, the French company has successfully become one of the leading companies in the world of motorcycle helmets. The company was founded by professional former racers, and their passion for driving is still quite visible in all of the helmets that they introduce in the market.

The goal that they keep in mind, while creating any new helmet is that the helmet should be completely safe, while also allowing the rider to give the very best performance during a race.

Shark has always pushed the boundaries of mind and technology, and has researched exciting innovations which allow everyone to enjoy the freedom of riding while being completely safe.

The headquarters of the company is located in Marseilles, along with numerous factories because of which the company is successfully capable of selling more than 350,000 motorcycle helmets in a year. You just can’t go wrong with Shark helmets.

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