Shark S 700 Redding Replica Helmet Review

Shark S 700 Redding Replica Helmet


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  • Cool graphics and design.
  • Ergonomic sunvisor system
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Hello, readers and MotoGP enthusiasts! Its Wazza here again and today we will be taking a look at the versatile and ingenious helmet by Shark which is the Shark S 700 Redding Replica helmet.

This helmet has been designed by former professional racers keeping in mind both safety and pleasure in riding and I hope you will find this review helpful in understanding all of the amazing features of this helmet before you make a decision to buy it.

Shark S 700 Redding Replica Helmet Review

The Shark company is based in Marseille, France. It was founded by a couple of former professional motorcycle racers with the goal to provide helmets with maximum safety and performance.

The company has provided quality helmets for more than 25 years. More than 600 people are employed in their factory which manufactures and sells 350, 000 helmets every year from its 5, 000 outlets.

scott reddingTheir experienced designers give special attention to detail while creating comfortable and eye-catching designs. Their S 700 series provides style at an affordable price.

Their dedication to quality with the best price has made this French brand a leader in helmet manufacturer. Shark has sponsored numerous riders in a number of motorcycling championships.

The Shark S 700 is the replica helmet of the youngest racer, to hold the record of winning a Grand Prix motorcycling race, British MotoGP racing star Scott Redding. He is also the youngest professional racer to have entered 50 Grand Prix.

Shark S 700 Redding Replica Helmet Specs

Here’s an in-depth look at the specifications of the helmet. Give them a look!

  • 2.2 mm anti scratch visor
  • Ergonomic sunvisor system
  • Dual position optimised ventilation
  • Multi-density internal shock absorbers
  • Injected Thermoplastic Resin
  • Integrated UV380 label

The Shark S 700 is a handy road helmet made completely from injected thermoplastic resin. Its anti – scratch 2.2mm visor provides a clear view of the road.

The ergonomic sun visor is scratch proof with an integrated UV380 label. The visor is equipped with a quick release button making it easier to use with gloves.

The buckle system has a micro-lock making it more adjustable and secure. The Original Pinlock is anti – fog providing an unobstructed vision to the driver.

The ventilation is optimized with the help of vents positioned on both sides. The inside padding is both removable and machine washable so that the racer can easily wash the padding whenever he wants.

The internal shock absorbers with multi-density provide extra protection to the head. The Shark S 700 is available in a variety of colors so that bikers can choose one which best reflects their personality.

Their different sizes provide a high level of comfort to the users. These salient features make the Shark S 700 the best choice for people who want both comfort and style at a very reasonable price.

The shark S 700 has been upgraded from S 900 for the racing season of 2012. Anti – scratch sun shields have been integrated into this series with the ventilation system that has been inherited from S 900 2011.

It is intermediate oval in shape and weighs approximately 1685g in large size while it is almost 1470g in medium size. Its powerful design offers a finish and features which are not usually found in helmets in this price range thus making it great in quality to price ratio.

The high quality of components used in this helmet makes it one of the preferred models used by professional bikers all around the world.

Our rating of the Shark S 700 Redding Replica helmet

We give the Shark S 700 a cool rating of 9.3 out of 10 because of its innovative design, durability, comfort, protection and value for money.

Their design fits snugly and the anti – fog visor provides additional security. The materials used in the production of this helmet are all of the high quality providing the user with good value for money.

We recommend this helmet for bikers who want a trendy design without compromising on comfort and safety. This helmet is definitely worth buying if you want a pleasant drive with the freedom of security.

What I Like About Shark S 700 Redding Replica

tickThe feature that I like most about this helmet is the additional safety that it provides its users with. The drop down anti – scratch sun visor and excellent ventilation system make this helmet very comfortable to wear.

The washable padding makes it possible to wear this helmet over a long period of time. The materials used in the production of this helmet are all of the high grades with the special emphasis on security.

It fits perfectly without providing any extra pressure on the face. The visor is clear and free from optical distortions. It is detachable so it is easy to clean.

The superior aerodynamics allows no pressure on the neck. This enables a person to keep wearing the helmet for a very long time when riding continuously for hours.

The overall design of the helmet is also quite sturdy which means that the protection it will be able to provide riders is quite impressive.

Shark S 700 Redding Replica price and where you can buy them

The official price of the Shark S 700 Redding Replica is around $256. If you want to buy this helmet then you can get it through

Shipping is free so you won’t have to pay extra for the product to be delivered to your doorstop.

More about Shark

Shark Helmets LogoThe Shark company has always tried to provide its customers with amazing products. They have always tried to come up with new and innovative designs by pushing the technical boundaries and providing pleasure in riding with safety.

Their innovative products have propelled them far ahead of their competitors making Shark helmets the number one choice of many bikers worldwide.

Shark helmets are constructed using an ultra-modern and hi-tech manufacturing plant where safety is given the first priority. The company uses ultimate testers to perfect their products.

These testers are the world’s most famous and prestigious motorcycle championship racers like Randy De Puniet, Carl Fogarty, and Scott Redding.

This close relationship between the racers and the manufacturers enable high safety and performance levels to ensure maximum security.

The Shark S 700 series attest to the fact that economy is possible without compromising on quality and security. When you’re buying a helmet from Shark you can be sure that you have bought a product that is of high quality and will provide you with quality as well as safety as you ride your bike.

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